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  • I want to thank everyone that responded to my post about my husbands sleep problems. I have tried may of them but so far nothing seems to help. . Today I got a call from my daughter that her father had fallen and was bleeding. He lost his balance and hit his head. This is the second time that he has fallen. I am starting to worry. 4 months ago he was eating, talking, working around the house. Now he's on a peg, can't talk, uses a b-pack and spends most of his day in bed. He cries a lot. I know that this is part of the disease, but still hard to see.
    I see a lost look in his eyes. He doesn't want to talk about any of this. I feel that we need to discuss what he wants me to do but I can't bring it up. I don't want to upset him. I know that he worries about what will happen to everything that we have worked for our whole life. I am just venting. Feeling sorry for myself. I'll do what has to be done. Thanks for listening
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