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    Upper arm pain

    Hey everyone! My mother has been experiencing upper arm pain sporadically for the last few weeks. It has been localized to the upper arm and it isn't constant at the moment but it is appearing more often, and the upper arm muscles are hardening. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this?
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    Yoga and exercise

    Hi All! My mother has MND and wants to do some form of exercise. Her condition means that her balance isn't very good but she wont allow that to deter her. For this I was wondering about yoga specifically for the upper body, and Im looking for general recommendations since the Physios haven't...
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    Recipe Sources

    Thank you very much! The MND is still in its early stages but symptoms are coming up fast so I will be back checking your page regularly.
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    Improving the taste of water thickeners

    At the moment we are using Thickenup which tastes... interesting. We'll try Thick It and SImply Thick and report back. Thanks for the information!
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    Recipe Sources

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has found any good sources for recipes for MND patients? I have been in touch with the local MND Association but would like to add some variety to the menu.
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    Improving the taste of water thickeners

    Hi All, Does anyone know of ways to improve the taste of water thickeners? Or have some suggestions for some recommended water thickeners available in Australia that generally taste better than Precise?
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    Anterior Horn Cell Disease

    Hey Everyone, Recently a family member of mine has been diagnosed with Anterior Horn Cell Disease caused by MND. They have been given a prognosis of two years. But I am having trouble trying to find out information about it, and contrary to what I have found on this forum it seems to be...