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  • Hi Darlene Blessed,

    Sorry you had a reason to join this forum, but since you have.....welcome, and use it in any way you can. For information, answers, support, rants, venting, off topic comments, almost anything.

    The people here a great group, and are ready, willing, and able to help you. Some have quite a bit of medical knowledge, many have a lot of experience with the disease, both as care givers and also as patients.

    The resident guru is a fella named Wright. You can find him if you click 'community', then go to 'members list'......he can usually answer most any question you have, and is happy to help.

    You've probably already figured out the answer to your earlier question about 'posting a thread'.

    You post 'on' a thread. In other words, find the topic (thread) that best fits your question or comment, then submit your text (post) there......

    You can even create a new thread if you don't see one that fits what you want to say.

    Hang Tough,
    Hi Darlene. I have similar symptoms to PBP. I have a slow progressing form of ALS.
    We are here when you need us
    Welcome Darlene. You can start a thread to intoroduce yourself, if you want. Sorry you had to find us, but happy you have. Good luck at the Vanderbilt appointment. It's so exciting that more people are able to get the diaphragm pacer lately. Let us know how it goes.
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