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  • Hello Daramus,
    I'm not sure why I felt compelled to post this. I am not the official "greeter", not sure we have one, as such. But, welcome! All of us here are now in the same club, in one way or another.....like it or not. If you are here, it means you have a connection, in some way. For me, it is my wife. She was diagnosed with ALS 12/12.
    It looks like posts can be long.....messages have to be brief, so.....
    My one best piece of advice for you (and almost everyone else who have not already read her) would be this: Go to Community (in the tool bar), scroll to members list, find Sequoia.......read all of her threads, posts, and especially her blogs. I promise, it will give you strength and courage. I hope they keep these archived for all to view for many years to come. This woman had to have been an angel......at least she is now.

    (We all) Hope to hear from you, don't be shy.
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