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  • Thanks danny,

    I read you last post. You are partially right, it does seem like some of the newbies, especially the 'twitchers', do get cut short sometimes. But if you read the entire thread, most times there is a reason. They have usually been offered advice and support initially, more times than not telling them to trust their Dr.s and be patient. They ignore that and repeat their original questions.

    We try to figure out who is genuinely and legitimately concerned, who is having anxiety attacks, who are the hyperchondriacs, or just obsessing themselves sick(er), etc. We don't really mean to sound disrespectful, but after doing this many, many times, it gets frustrating.....especially given the challenges the PALS face in even responding at all.

    This may not be a good excuse, but it does happen.....a lot! Hope this helps explain the situation, you'll understand when you have tried to help and been ignored.

    O.K.? Are we cool? I hope so. Don't go away, just remain calm.

    Hi Dannyr, well im reading about what you have.. And Its kind of similar.. Calves problems, mostly right.. Twitches.. Everywhere but Mainly i think calf.. And well you can see my post "tricky case" i explain it all
    hi dann! yeah, kind of nice :/ -- but I get what you mean. Would have been nicer to meet you guys while traveling or at least on fb... But things are just as they are and I am glad that at least this forum is here.
    I have to wait till July when I have my appt at the clinic - till then, I just wait and see.
    I read that you had a vacc earlier before that all started? I dont know, its just a feeling, but I think that due that fact, things might dissappear as they came! I ve met people who had really strong reactions due to vaccinations. At least, thats what Iam hoping for you!! All best for your aapt on Thursay,
    Basically I started having fasciculations in both calves in mid Jan 2013, since then my symptoms have increased, I now have muscle twitches in shoulders, neck, buttocks and both upper legs and both upper arms. I have clear atrophy of left foot arch, and I have atrophy in my left calf and left thigh, above knee there is 1cm difference between left leg and right leg, and the left upper left thigh is 2 cm smaller than right thigh. Fasciculations are ONLY in calves more in my left leg. I also have full limb jerks and sometimes both legs jerk at exactly the same time and sometimes I blink and my head jerks like an electric shock.When I go cycling or walking I get this mild pain right through the middle of my thigh which is weakened and is effecting my walking down hills or steps. I have also lost 5 kilos in the last 4 months.I would appreciate anyones opinion on my symptoms, of course I realise I have to wait for the EMG test coming up, but it would be nice to hear from someone here. Danny
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