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  • Hi,just seen you on the forum. How are you and your son doing? I hope you both have found some comfort to cope with the pain. You are both in my thoughts. caroline xxx
    Hi dani,just wanted to let you know I have been thinking of you all.
    I hope Laurence is comfortable and not in discomfort.
    Love the new spring photos,you look beautiful and stan is a little heartthrob lol.
    Take care xxx caroline.
    Hi Dani,
    I haven't been here in an age ....was thinking about you and L and just thought I'd stop by to say hi and I pray for you still..
    Dani, I am not a praying person, but I am thinking of you and L tonight...and sending you wishes for peace and love.
    Mick only lasted one night in the hospice, unfortunately, too many things sent his anxiety over the edge,so hopefully getting pulse carers starting 25/02/13 fingers crossed. Hope you L and Stan are doing ok xx Ang
    Hi Dani
    Hope you are all doing ok x And a big Happy birthday for Stan
    I was hoping you could help advise us.
    Have been going through Continuing Health Care since Oct 12, we were granted it straight away but the hold up is the agency recruiting staff they are using Pulse do you have the same agency? and how long did it take for you to get the care, we have been told late February now I can't believe how long it is taking. A x
    Hey Dani, I know you are probably so tired and busy. Just wanted to ley you know how wonderful you are!
    Hi Dani--haven't heard from you in a while--hope everything is going OK for you guys.
    Hey just wantyed to see how you are doing..Try to take care of yourself some, I know it has to be hard with a little one too,
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