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  • Hi Dana, Glad you are ok! Nice to see ya visit again. Stay strong as you can. Love & (((HUGS)))
    Hi Dana, Sorry you that you are here but welcome anyway :) If you don't mind me asking, what trial will you be going through? Hope all is well with you.
    Hey Dana, I will be praying for you to get sonething out of this trial. Hope you are taking time to smell some roses:) Big Hugs to you!!!!
    Thank You Dana...:)
    All is ok today, and how are you doing, hope you have made some friends and gotten info you may have needed.. ((Hugs)))
    hello, please can you tell me how your als start? did you have anyone in your family earlier als? miracules happend, dont forget this, big hug!!
    I hope you are doing well today. Have missed hearing from you. Remember keep smiling..:) ((HUG))
    When did you start the trial or have you? If you don't mind me asking which one? It has rained here today, was hoping to get in the pool, but read instead.
    Hi Dana, I hope all is going well for you. And you are finding your way around here. ((Hugs))
    Hi Dana,
    Did you get a second opinion?
    I know your getting bombarded with a lot of info and have many questions. Everyone is so compassionate here.
    Take care,
    See just above your name...above the wide blue bar where user cp is...it says als/mnd group forums..click on that...that takes you to all the different groups...find the Pals threads (people with ALS)...click on that...just above where they all start is a blue button that says New Thread.... hope that helps
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