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  • Dalvin,

    Was thinking about you and wanted you to know that you were missed. Hope to see you back, soon!

    Merry Christmas Dalvin! I will be working noon-6pm and then I got back at midnite. I will be bringing my Ipad and popping in and out between the forum and f.b. I'm going to celebrate Christmas Eve with the kids tomorrow night. We will go to church and then they will open a few gifts. Take care, Kim
    Hi Dalvin,
    Hi Sweetheart! Hope your day has been going ok. Work has been boring but I get off in a few minutes. Going to go to the movies tonight so I probally won't be on until later tonight. I'll catch up with you sometime tomorrow. Hugs, Kim
    Dalvin, I read that you live alone. I do too. I'm pretty self sufficient but, who knows later on.
    Hope all is well,
    Hi Dalvin. Do you stay up all night, or just an early riser? Just noticed you posted a comment - it is late for me (1 am), but REALLY late for you in Virginia.

    I enjoy reading your take on things, and just thought I'd try to give you a hard time.

    Hi Dalvin,
    Read your post. Don't pick your son up if he is sick. You really can't risk it at this point. I'm sure he does care but sometimes people don't think rationally. Do you have hand sanitizer set out for when people do come over unannounced? Did you get a flu and pneumonia shot? Just keep being firm and tell people if they are sick to stay away. Your son needs to start taking care of you now and not the other way around. Time for you to be a little blunt with him. Kim
    Happy Birthday Dalvin, hope you have a great day out cruising in your van !!
    Hi Dalvin,
    I went to work tonight at 6 and get off at midnite. I don't have my phone with me currently so I can't check my f.b.. My family is supposed to be bringing it up later. I took our youngest over to my dad's pool for a little while this afternoon. The last couple of days here in central Illinois has heated up again. A week ago it was kind of cool. Get physical therapy on shoulder/arm tomorrow. It's not hurting but it's get stiff again. Take care, Kim
    Good morning Dalvin ! I'm slaving away here at work til 6am. Then I have to wait til 7 and go to the house and drag the kids off to school. Then I'm going to sleep. Tried to take a nap before going into work but just couldn't get mind to shut off. Hope your day goes well. Kim
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