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  • Thank you for sharing the words of the experts you consulted. I am grateful that you took the time and believe that you have helped many people and will continue to do so.
    Dale, please read the sticky again at the top of the 'Do I have' forum. At the end it says clearly that you have your thread, you ask, we answer, then you politely leave. We don't mean it insultingly, it is in your best interest to move on from here. All the best. Tillie
    How's the coping going for Ya?? I am really struggling. I had 2 misdiagnoses, also one was cancer which almost killed me.
    I have not had a thorough EMG done. The did a NCS on both legs and on my hand, which showed isolated deep perennial nerve damage. And just an EMG on my left thenar muscle which showed nothing. I have been trying to press them to do another more thorough EMG, but they won't do it.
    Hello DalekSec. I too am like You. I first noticed on and off twitches in my left thumb. But worse after using my hand. I have really frequent twitches in my legs especially my feet, more so on my left side. I also have atrophy of my left digitorum braves muscle. I read an a study done that said that Atrophy of the left digitorum Brevis muscle and weakness is a positive clinical marker for L5 S1 Radiculopathy. I also have body wide twitches and when I tap my left foot or raise my toes, my calf muscle becomes tight very quickly. strange how similar our stories are
    Hello dalek. İ m just like you and my emg result is similar with yours. Here is my emg result.
    right and left peroneal nerve motor response amplitude and conduction velocity was normal .
    right and left tibial nerve motor conduction velocity and response amplitude was normal as normal.
    right and left sural nerve sensory response amplitude and conduction velocity was normal .
    Needle EMG MUP chronic neurogenic potential in muscle L4-L5 segments examined in the study, polyphasic Giant motor s was observed.

    Result: The conclusions reached with the diagnosis of radiculopathy . MUP chronic neurogenic potential in the studied muscles in L4 L5 segments were seen. The obtained results were evaluated in accordance with chronic radicular changes
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