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  • Hi Cheryl, just wanted to come over and say hello to you and welcome you to the forum. You live about two towns away from me! I was wondering where you were going for your clinical trial to go to UMass or to Mass. General Hospital? I was supposed to start the CK trial as well but decided not to do some family issues. Are you signed up with MDA and ALSA? it would be great to meet you sometime, there are few PALS in the area that I've become friends with, and great to know that we're not alone.

    I read that you have four-legged furry children, I have a few, along with the two legged type as well. Good luck on the clinical trial, and check out the thread for Come for Tea, as there are a bunch of great people on that thread we talk about everything from dog poop to you name it! And you don't have to drink tea either…
    Hi Daigs,

    I read your post on my thread post and you say you have Twitching before diagnosis?Was this Your First Symptom? How long did you have twitching before other symptoms? Were they localised abd could you feel them?

    Thank You
    No diagnosis but having difficulty walking. Have been told anxiety too . Lost some friends too because no diagnosis. Im sorry you had to go through this process-its appauling .I am sorry about your diagnosis . I pray for a cure X Margaret
    Hello and welcome to the forum. Read your post. Sorry you find yourself here. Mine was April 5/12 @ 4:00pm... A Thursday. But, there is life after since then. Please, if you need anything, let us know. I am limb onset. Left hand. Hope this forum helps you as much as it has helped me.
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