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  • hi bruce, my situation is almost the same. difference is that i am from other continent. mayo is great choice. how long you were day, how much did they charge, which mayo (rochester?)
    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. My email is [email protected]. I forwarded the va benefits info. for him to get the ball rolling. He said he has a local rep in the Knoxville area willing to assist him w/ the paperwork. He went to Alabama last Thursday to attend his stepdaughters wedding on Sat. - a joyful time for him. I'm about to call him to see how everything went. If you can send me any additional info. Chief I would really appreciate it. I'll forward my email address in a few. Look for laloca in your inbox!
    For sure use one of the VSO's. They know exactly the forms to fill out. I used the PVA. The paperwork from Duke needs to state an ALS diagnosis specifically. That is all the VA requires for 100%. My email is [email protected]. Send me yours via email and I will forward some additional info?
    I spoke to my brother today. He and I both were under the impression that ALS wasn't considered service connected. Told him to find dd214 and copy his medical records for my visit. I'm thinking VSO in Knoxville can prepare and expedite his claim. Thank God for the abundance of resources available. EMG performed at Duke used as basis for the dx. I asked about results, but he seemed clueless, perhaps due to shock. I'd like permission to access his records and consult w/ Dr. His fear and sadness today made me want to break down, but I Marined up! Btw, I have a special place in my heart for Vietnam Nam vets, having served under them. I enlisted near the World Trade Center in 1977 and spent my 1st night on Paris Island in Jan1978. I was an 18 yr.old cocky lil thing. No worries Bruce, you're not hijacking my thread. I'd be happy to give you additional contact info. If you like. Let me know your thoughts.Im here Bruce if you need a shoulder to lean on.
    Hi, ran into your old post when you got your diagnosis. Can I ask where did you go to get your diagnosis. I been seeing 2 doctors one at USF and the other at UF
    Hi Chief, you have an inhome eval after you turn in your SAH forms.. caroline contractors numbers is 813 931 4611
    Email [email protected]

    After your eval, they will tell uou what must be done. Doorways,ramps,sidewalks,bathroom,grab bars, smotth surface flooring.....Todd knows the requirements so he can bid your project once the inspedtion by sah people occurs. He is really good.
    We used a contractor, Caroline Contractors, for our mods. They have architects, a group of local, high quality companies they work with. They know the VA process, Todd is very fair and does a great job. Chelsea Title of the west coast was the only title company that would do escrow for va. We applied in February and mods were done in september. 7 months start to finish. Joe sterling in prosthetics will get you the ramps,threshold covers,shower chair, etc.
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