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  • If you need Propofol treatments, check out IIB Medical (http://iibmedical.com/lpo1/), I am going there next week. You may be closer to a clinic I heard about in the Bahamas, so check them out too. If you contact IIB, negotiate a membership so you can get ongoing treatment real cheap. If you decide to have this conversation with them and want to know how mine went, let me know. You're not on death row, you can beat this. Remember half the fight is done by your spirit, so be POSITIVE. PM me if you need help with this.
    hey cyrpress im keen to know how you are going with thymosin beta 4 ive been reading your threads re your trial. Gosh you are so helpful with your energy -input ty :)
    Hello cypress, I ve been reading your post a while ago, I wanted to ask if you are still on the Thymosin Beta 4? Regarding your last entry it seeemed to help?
    Anyway, I am always very interested in your postings, very encouraging!
    All the best to you,
    I've been checking out follistatin. It doesn't look like the legit peptide sites are carrying it. From what I've read, it would be too expensive if it was made correctly. If you see it at a reasonable price, it's probably fake.
    My shoulder feels much better than it has in 2-3 months. Did you see my post earlier today? Neurologist says I'm much less hyperreflexic. Put a question out whether that's from my anti-spasticity meds or some sort of healing in my body. Hopefully Wright will answer. I'm going to get more aggressive. Follistatin is expensive stuff, but you can't take it with you.
    I wonder why I can't send you a private message. Personally (based on what I've read) the IGF would be better than the ghrp-6. The only result so far for me is less shoulder pain. I still have horrible exercise intolerance. Had a neuro appt this week. He said that I am much less hyperreflexic than 4 months ago. But I don't feel better, in fact I feel weaker. But I am still working - kind of have to while in this limbo of partial diagnosis. It's really wearing me down.
    Hey how have you been doing? Are you able to exercise on consecutive days? I feel like I've been hit by a bus after working out. Whole body buzzes and just goes haywire. But I did 40 minutes on the treadmill twice last week. Mk and IGF right now.
    From my amateur standpoint, IGF-1 is more systemic than MGF. MGF is more of a localized enhancer from what I've read. I'm very interested in hearing your results. Are you able to exercise at all? Good luck, I admire your fight!
    From what I have heard, the norm is 2ml maybe 3 times per week. I know of a person who does 5ml in one shot once per week (after trying other dosing protocols) and likes the results. I am planning on starting IGF-1 soon. Obviously, again, I am not a medical professional, just a guinea pig who wants to try something productive. So my plan does not include the GW but instead IGF-1 in addition to the mk. How are you feeling?
    Glad ALSTDI got your sign on issues worked out. There were just too many research posts to suit me. I do go there to read sometimes. I go to Augusta, MCG, now GA Health Sciences University. My alma mater. It's only a 2 hour drive which is tiring enough. Are you aware of ALS Untangled? They report on the science behind some of the things folks are trying.
    About moderation...certain words trigger a trip to the mods for review. It's a way to try to keep advertising and scams etc off the forum. You'll learn over time how to avoid some of them. Links are always moderated.
    Hi! Just wanted to ask if you've checked out the forums at ALSTDI. I've only visited briefly, but found that their members seem to be trying some different things on their own based on emerging research. The PLM (PatientsLikeMe.com)
    Site has programs set up for you to track your progress and share the information from any self trials. Good luck with your new regimen.
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