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  • I was diagnosed with ALS in July of this year after being diagnosed with Neuropathy for two years. I would appreciate hearing from those recently diagnosed and what symptoms they have.
    hi lupe,just want to let you know i do think of you ofton and send you a (((hug)))
    lots of love ,caroline . xxx
    Hi Lupe. I would be more than happy to be a friend who can understand his anguish and problems...FB would be the best if he is interested in talking to me. I am 24 years old...and know all too well ALS and how it affects your life.
    Hi, Lupe (birthday buddy)- I hope you had a nice birthday. I was away & not able to get online, otherwise I would have wished you a VERY happy birthday (as well as your son)! Next year we will celebrate together! Marianne
    I read your recent post about problems with the irs. I'm dealing with a tax lien and garnishment from our PALS disability pay. I don't know about your tax situation but I'm filing a claim with the irs to totally forgive the amount he owes because he needs the money for his care. If you contact the Tax Advocate at the irs, they will help you with filling out the form. I hope this helps.
    Lupe! I have been thinking about cha, glad to see you have been on here today. There is an excellent post in the PALS section about vain girls with ALS. It may help you hun. I know how you feel when you go out in public! I am sure you are still beautiful as ever though!!
    How is everything with your son going? And you? Hugs, Kari
    Hey Girl!! I just sent you an email wondering where you have been?? Kay Marie has started a thread under the CALS section wondering where some people have been and you are on that list. Glad to see you are here!!!!..........Hugs, Kari
    Hi , I just wake up and always say to myself. Today what can I do that will make me happy. Thank goodness their are a lot of thinks I still do and say that makes me feel good. I will have the peg because it will make life right now so much easier. Timing is the key for me. I will take it one step at a time. I truly understand why you feel right now that you won't but keep a door open and never say never. I am still walking and going places and visit my kids all over the country. I can play with them still[Gr. Kids] and as long as I am functioning in life and not dependant on others for everything I will keep on trying to make this an easier trip... Big Hugs to you, Linda
    Lupe, I sent you a friend request! Did the local ALSA come to see you? What are your most pressing needs and how can we help you? hugging you, Kay Marie
    Hi Cutika....haven't heard back from you! PLEASE let us know how you are doing and if you are okay!
    Hugs, Kari
    hi cukita.
    i have been thinking about you and wondered how you and your son are.
    i really hope things have not got too bad for you.
    did the alsa ever get out to visit you?
    sadly we lost del,i am still trying to come to terms about it.
    please know you are always in my thoughts and prayers,godbless caroline
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