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    Hospice or Not?

    We recently went hospice, mostly for help with my husband's pain. We have not found any muscle/spasm relaxers that work for him so pain meds are the solution for now. They have been very quick to get him new bed, physical therapy, meds delivered. Looking for a massage therapist to do home...
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    Time from diagnosis to death

    I've wondered about remodels, equipment also for my husband. Have received help in some small changes, ramps, grab bars,etc from wonderful co-workers. Working for the big orange box, there are thankfully many handy(persons) available. I have been tossing around the idea of bathroom remodel and...
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    CALS Roll call

    Evening or rather morning everyone, Thank you for the welcome mat. Today was a better day. Had to take off work as no caretaker yet and off the next two days to keep searching. Sent emails to a couple of nearby community colleges hoping some nursing students might need a few extra dollars. Like...
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    CALS Roll call

    New to group. Hope everyone is having a good evening. Husband with ALS is snoozing but I'm wide awake. Short background......husband had 2 neck surgeries then finally diagnosed ALS. Probably had 2 years before that terrible day in 7/2013. Used cane for year, had to retire, ok by himself thru...