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  • how are you coping, dear cris. Knowing you, you will be coping like a star but dying inside. are you still working all hourse or are you able to make more time for home?
    think of you with admiration and much love
    Dear Chris,
    Sadie Mae just told me the sad news about Earl. I am reaching out with a big hug. I know nothing can ease the pain but know that you have many fellow travelers here if you need us. Please email or let me know how you are doing. It is going on 3 months now that my mom passed...each day is a bit better. A big hug to you and your family - Mel
    Hi, Cris- thanks for stopping by; summer was OK. Wow, your kids go back to school early; not until after Labor Day here. Caught up on what's happening with you- gosh, you are Superwoman! Can't believe all you are dealing with- makes my life look like a walk in the park! Keeping you & Earl in my prayers- Big hug, Marianne
    Good to see you back. Daughter starts school tomorrow she will be a freshman and a half(she is going to a charter school, with more individual help, and according to my husband, a bunch of punks!!) and Brian off to start his senior yr at the good kids school next week. His school is a 2 minute walk, hers is an hour bus ride, or 20 min each way if I take her. She hated the regular school, so hopefully this will be better. She received only 2 credits last yr, out of 5, so she has some catching up to do, which she can do at this school.
    one of the rare instances of families helping there. I am so pleased.
    Shall I send over some DVDs? Give me you address. Do you have Absolutely Fabulous over there? SO funny: can send over british comedy?????
    Loads of love
    is there anyone with Earl while you are working? It must be sooooooooo difficult. Being bedbound is so boring apart from anything else. How does he occupy himself? Can he still uze his hands. Read? Play computer games?
    Youa re a wonderful wife to keep things going as you do.
    I have written to tell the police it was not me but I am soooooooo hoping they do not come to check as S has loads of cannabis growing in the garden. So then I could hit the headlines as "speeding granny taken into custody for drug haul".
    Ah well, such is life.
    I am BORED BORED BORED so maybe even that would at least be some excitement
    Love to you, dear brave Cris and to Earl too
    have thought about you such a lot lately and writing to you was way up in my list of todo s. How are things there? How is Earl doing? Are you still working all hours? How are the children?
    Here I progress, but that is to be expected. I am lucky and spoiled and make most of my own problems - excpet the speeding ticket I got sent, which really madfe me laugh as I have not been able to drive for over a year.
    Please tell me how you all are
    Loads of love
    Thawing out some ribs to grill. Have a few fireworks for out son. Trying to doctor the abdomen on my husband where the tape has caused a reaction and I used to creme and now he's on fire! LOL Hope y'all are enjoying the day!
    hi guys checking in to see how earl is and you cris and family and if anything has changed im praying for yas take care jeff
    oh chris im deeply sorry for what you all are going through .i remember when they told me i needed a peg tube it depressed me knowing the disease is progressing so i can feel for earl .i hope he pulls out of it ,i will be praying for all you and praying god gives you the strength to carry on god bless
    been a few days i figured i would write you a note to see how earl and you all are doing.i hope god has filled your hearts with peace battling this awlful disease .im doing pretty good one day at a time i take it well take care and godbless
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