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  • Hi Cricket,
    Thought I'd drop in and saw Hello. How are things going for you? I'm doing ok. Miss my dad now that he's in Texas. Also, my marital situation is pretty bad too. My kids just went back to school last week. The twins (boy/girl) are sophomores and then our youngest boy is in the 4th grade. The twins will get their driver's license next month. Car insurance isn't going to be fun. lol Take care, Kim
    how are you doing Cricket? How have you settled in with the PEG? Have you started putting meals through it? I so hope it is working out for you, been thinking of you the last few days :)
    Hi Cricket, well weekend was tiring... on saturday dawn i was getting some extreme fast heartbeats... and pain in left arm.. i thought it was a panic attack so i just layed on my bed... On sunday i got breathing problems (recently having those for some days) and called my neuro... he recommended going to ER to check at leasts.

    They checked me, Dr. heard my breathing and all and didn't wanted to x-rays them nor measure the values.... (I told him i was suspected for a neuromuscular disease that can affect the diaphragm) yet he thought was anxiety related...

    Gave me a pill... i got knocked down... and today i'm coughing from time to time...

    Long weekend lol

    How you doing?

    that's great Cricket, glad it is going well as I believe the first weeks are more about letting your body heal from the invasion of the tube and settling it into place, then after that it should become so easy. It's good that you are getting the extra fluids in using it for now. :)
    Well I do have a chin strap that works pretty well. The RT came today and adjusted the settings. I'll try again tonight and let you know how it goes. Pleasant dreams Sweet Lady!
    Been having a rough time with it Cricket! I got the nasal mask and the first night my mouth was open while I slept which rendered it ineffective. Last night it was uncomfortable on the kin between my nose and lip. *sigh*. We'll get it figured out. I think I'll call the RT today and get a face mask. I can't be trusted to keep my mouth shut! :)
    Oh, yessssss!
    Got my Power Wheelchair fully functional now.
    I've got freedom of movement, thank God.

    I'm happier than a dog with two tails (Do those ones exist? :) )

    Take care, my dearest friend.
    Thank you! The author is a friend and an expert in end-of-life issues. Guess we are the best and worst case scenario of end-of-life issues. He is going to continue the series and comes over tomorrow to watch the excitement about getting me into the handicap Van with the lift I absolutely hate. My husband got me new handicap plates for the van and they say CURALS so driving around I hope to raise awareness too. I guess I figure since I'm distal onset and can still speak that I have an obligation to speak for all of us. So they'll be more reports in the future. I appreciate the support.

    Thanks for the welcoming words. I am just doing one day at a time. Sometimes that is all I can do. I just miss him so terribly!!!!! All I want to do is to call up to heaven and speak one more time. I am grateful for my blessings: one being a little granddaughter who is 13 months old and she makes me muddle through. g.
    that's so great Cricket - I don't quite understand anyone refusing the PEG, I think they are one of the most beneficial of the supports on offer. Quite easy to care for, and such an important thing to get the nutrition and fluids in safely and enough of them!

    You ROCK Cricket, I don't know what I'd do with the inspiration and support of people like you here!
    Hi Cricket!
    I'm actually doing pretty good just now.
    My PALS has decided that he is going to beat ALS and become the longest living ALS person in the world.

    Horrified me at first, but I've just kind of stepped back and taking one day at a time again. I love him to pieces, but he is all talk - he isn't attempting to take any better care of himself, really follow carefully any health directives, just talking big, I think it's part of his grief process.

    I'm kind of getting into a state of acceptance, and concentrating on the things I can do, and trying not to worry about the things I can't do.

    How are you doing???
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