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  • Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. I haven't been as active on the forums recently. Been busy with going to the Mayo clinic and recently my brother in law passed away. Good news, 45 days until the family and I go to Disney World :)
    thanks cricket recipes when we get to there will be great!

    I've used the old, freeze in ice cube trays for stuff for years, great way to store things so you can get it out in amounts.

    So glad you are finding good recipes and ways to make it work for you. We have a good food processor that I bought just recently so blending it all up, well I guess I'll be the nice friend for him :)
    hey cricket! :) I did report hahaha
    I'm doing well just now and think of you often. How are you going with putting real food through that peg, earlier this month you were just starting some good sounding stuff!
    I just dropped in to say Hi! Our twins Matthew and Julie will turn 16 this Thursday. Yikes! Take care, Kim
    that's really interesting as the dieticians and nurse specialists here say you must only use the commercial food. Keep me posted on how it all goes! How are you kids doing at school? Take care, talk soon
    oh wow that is great news! does that mean you prepared your own food rather than used the commercial stuff? I'm grinning all excited for you cricket, you rock girl!
    I hope your sore throat goes away soon. I don't know if they give them where your at but you might check into getting a flu shot if it's ok with your doctor. My dad gets the flu shot and had the pneumonia shot. He also got a shingle vaccination. Hope your daughter feels better soon too. Take care, Kim
    I am doing good. My oldest, my daughter will be 21 this december and has just gotten engaged a couple of weeks ago, then I have two sons, oldest is 19 and youngest is 11 and just started jr high. My how time flies. How are your children?
    Hello Cricket! I am Peggy and it's nice to meet you. I first saw your posts on youtube which are lovely. I am also a mother and approaching 40 October 2 this year. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you have been since your last youtube video.
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