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  • Hello agin Txgirl, am feeling much better today the weakness and sorness I was experiencing has pretty much gone away still having twitches in my feet legs and left hand I am suspecting I did something to myself at work last week for a couple of days I had to load dozens of 50lb salt bags from pallets on the ground into the back of a truck I was in such a panic last week I did not consider that.
    Hi Txgirl, thank you so much for your reply. I went back to my doctor and told her of my new symptoms that developed in less than a week like the muscle twitches I have in both legs, feet toes and my left hand and weakness in my lower legs esp my left. So I got a referral to the neurology dept she was concerned about my rapid symptom's. So yes hopefully I will get some answers soon. I have finally managed to calm my nerves down, thanks agin for your advice I really appreciate it.
    Your symptoms do not sound at all like ALS. I have limb onset ALS and weakness is gradual.
    You obviously have something going on but it's not ALS.
    I also want to mention that vickim does not have ALS and has already been told by forum moderators to stop giving out medical & ALS advice. It's strange but we do have some members on the forum that likes to pretend to have ALS.
    I hope you find out the cause of your symptoms soon.
    Just take it a step at a time. One day at a time. I truly think you will be fine. Just remember patience.
    Sorry for your trouble. I would very doubt that you have als. I am not a doctor but als does not start out like you are describing or spread that quickly. It could be a virus, or just plain anxiety. The more you worry and focus on it the worse it will get.

    try the meds the doctor gave you for a while and see how it goes. Most of the anxiety meds take about 4 weeks for maximum benefit. If it isn't any better or gets worse go back to the doctor. Be patient sometimes it takes months or longer to get things figured out. You know your body best and if things don't feel or work right then go back to the dr.

    Don't just focus on als though, there are a lot of diseases out there.
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