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  • You said: "Tell me how you know that it isn't ALS?"

    Don't tell me you've lost all access to the dozens of messages I've sent and the dozens of posts people replied to you with. There are all the reasons. Mainly, you've never given us a reason to think you have anything except anxiety.

    See your doctors, please. Tell your Internist about the reason why you don't take the medication, so he can give you something better. See the MDA clinic in OKC and tell me how it goes. If you can't wait, see the neurologist who said you don't have ALS and ask him to satisfy you.

    We're not doctors here.
    I have but in the mean time im trying to go the MDA Clinic here in Oklahoma city, ive seen a regular neurologist and he told me i didn't have als but something is really bad and its getting worse, i have a internist that talks to me on the phone every couple of weeks and he helps me by just listening to me because he knows im scared for my life he has tried to put me on antidepressants but i refuse to take them because they cause me crazy feelings
    Cpeters, please tell me why you haven't cleared this up with your doctors, yet.
    "So you have never heard anyone say that there limbs feel like they are not there or they are disconnected."
    I already answered that.
    So you have never heard anyone say that there limbs feel like they are not there or they are disconnected
    Well, no doubt you know that has nothing to do with ALS. You better see a doctor. You said you would call. So when is your appointment?
    The next stop would be a mental health professional to find out why you need so much attention from ALS patients when you know you don't have ALS.
    Good luck. You're doing the right thing. Strangers on the Internet can't help you.
    Yes, that's why I said "find one you trust." Most metro areas have quite a few. Ask friends, family, specialists, look on Yelp, healthgrades and so on.

    This forum is not a substitute for medical care.
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