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  • Anxiety is real. When your mind is troubled, your brain tells your body to do stuff. It can be very powerful. Look up hysterical blindness.
    No, C. After all this time, what makes you think you should be chasing ALS? You have doctors. Use them.
    I have two thoughts. First, I know nothing. I only know ALS. Second, if your doctors think you need to relax, then you probably need to relax.
    Ok so you kno what would cause full body numbness? My entire body is constantly numb including my head I can barely feel hot and cold
    It would be unethical of them to see you and charge a cost for the visit, when they already know that there is no medical reason for them to treat you.
    It means that the doctors could lose their licenses if they were wrong. So they must be really, really sure of what they've decided.
    What does it tell you, C, that so many experts in the field, having looked at the test results, have decided not to waste time talking to you about ALS? They are all willing to put their licenses on the line about this. So what does it mean?
    The doctor that went over my records didn't even look at me he said that I couldn't make an appointment with him because the emg was normal
    First, ask them, not me. Second, is it possible that maybe they have seen no ALS in you, and refuse to waste time on you?
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