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  • Look, no one says it's in your head - we say it is NOT ALS. Then we say work with your doctor on both your high anxiety and whatever is going on. There are so many common disease processes that match what you are experiencing, but the rare disease ALS does not. ALS just doesn't happen that way. Please, stay off here and work with doctors as they are seeing you and are the only ones that can help now. All the best
    Really hon you have been online for a long time between your last post and my answer, and still trawling around in here. This is very unhealthy for you, you should be with your kids and force your mind to focus on them and your life. You will be trying to find proof that your symptoms will match someone you read here. That is a bit sign of high anxiety and can be treated by your doctor.
    If I understand correctly, you're still walking, and painfully. But you're still walking, yes?
    Just to be clear, your doctors never said ALS. And a bunch of smart people here said NOT als.
    When is your EMG? Remember that EMG looks for many things, not just ALS.
    Yes, the foot and ankle is, I think, entirely muscle, bone and cartilage. You had your socks over your toes, I think. If it really worried you, see your GP. I hate to see your suffering emotionally over this.
    It is weird. Photos over the internet just don't work except in the most extreme cases. A doctor, who examines dozens of people daily, would really have to look at it.
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