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  • Hi Steve, thank you so much for replying to me. I will wait until my neuro appt next month and suggest getting an emg done.
    Hi there concernedcass,

    I'm not going to post on the main board. I'm not a Dr., hardly anyone here is. No one here is going to give you a diagnosis. You don't seem to understand the seriousness of this disease. It is 100% fatal!

    Please listen to the few who have responded, and stop worrying about als. Nothing you have mentioned sounds like als to me. The ONLY thing even remotely similar is the throat issues. If you do, by extremely rare chance, have Bulbar onset als, you will need a nuero to perform an emg on your tongue and throat area (or whatever they do).

    The emg is the holy grail of diagnosing als. Without that, you cannot know for sure. And, it must be 'dirty', showing nerve deterioration/death etc. GO, have this test. Stop worrying until you do have it. Go run your 4k, whatever.

    P.S., Please read ALL of the sticky notes, then, read lot more about the REAL symptoms people have who REALLY DO have als have.

    Good luck,
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