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  • Hope you are doing well and feeling better. I am trying to remain positive but am very worried about my dad. It really hurts to see him going downhill after being such a active man. Take care of yourself, Kim
    Hi thank you for the message. Yes, I do live in Fair Oaks. That is so weird that you messaged me. I have not been on this site in about 2 years. It turns out that I just had a pinched nerve and too much reading of symptoms making me sick..
    I do hope you are okay. I would be happy to meet and have a cup of coffee or what ever. Please leave your email if you can. or your phone # Thanks, Robin
    I've been very busy but that is fairly normal for me. The semester ends in a few weeks so I will get a little time-off during December. I hope that you are doing well and that you are in a better place mentally and emotionally. Stick around and help those that were once in your position, worried they had ALS but really didn't. Take care of yourself.
    I've been a bit busy. I just saw your latest thread: congratulations on the clean EMG, although I'm not surprised in the least. I also noticed that you're still stating you have tongue weakness. You do not have tongue weakness. If you did, you would be slurring your words. As I have already told you, your tongue giving way because you push on it with your fingers and hand is what would be expected (the muscles of your hand are much stronger than your tongue). Relax, you're going to be fine.
    Rose you really encourage me, I thank God above for having a great friend like you. I will do my best to accept it, although I know something is going on.It just bothers me. After my emg(praying it is normal) I will do my very best with Christ to move on. : ), luv u girly
    GOOD! Do your best to believe the results. I can attest from personal experience that the swallow test picked up problems many many months before I was even vaguely aware of any. It is a very precise test. Although its only a "snapshot" per se, if there's something going on, odds are excellent that something would be seen.

    Very good news, YAY!
    What did they find out? Was it a modified barium swallow (done with a speech language pathologist) or a regular barium swallow to check on level of reflux you're experiencing? Let me know :)
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