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  • Dear Rose,
    I hope you are getting better after your loss. You know my wife died shortly after your husband did. Please stay in touch and let's pray for each others peace.
    Your Friend

    Thank you very much. We were denied our foodstamps, so every little bit helps right now. Very much appreciated.

    Hi Rose,

    if your brother lives in Canada- that's great Medicare wise. Phew! LTD is also excellent - if I can be of help - do let me know, I'm in Ottawa. ( my best friend lives in Mukilteo - so I often travel to Seattle too- small world). Anyway - you'll note that I had 1st Neuro appointment in April and 2nd in August - so 4 months later. I think it's protocol for early stage patients. So don't hesitate to ask for anything I would be happy to help out. Also, pls keep in mind, there are ALS offices in lots of small centres who have wonderful volunteers.
    Hi Rose:
    I am so sorry to hear about your brother, he is a couple of years younger than my brother who was also diagnosed with the "beast"of all diseases. I think I can identify with how you feel- sad and helpless. Unfortunately the progression with my brother is swift, I am hoping he can join the forum to vent. He was in the denial stage, and now seems very angry and speechless. His speech has gotten worse so he speaks very little. I just keep praying that gets into the acceptance stage and makes the best of his time here on earth. I will be praying for you and your brother and Hope for the best on this journey we are on.

    He is the same age as my husband. You will find out very quickly that everyone progresses differently. Is he a Veteran by chance. Also, is he still working. To respond on my visitor page, just click on my name and write on my page. After you have a certain amount of posts, you will be able to do Private Messaging. I will Send you a couple links to some great info tomorrow. Also, remember that this is a public forum, so anyone can come here and read posts. Facebook has a few good groups that are by invite only. HUGS. Lori
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