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  • hi jenny.
    loved your photos,sorry for your loss of lilly rose,she was beautifull.
    bell is just as beautifull and must be a real comfort for you.
    i hope you stick around more on the forum .
    lorie told me you visited,i emailed her the other day,tim is not doing well.
    take good care of yourself.

    I came on real quick and saw your awesome photos!! I want to see a christmas one. How was your holiday? I will see/talk to you soon!

    Jenny, i've been at sorta a plateau. I'm going to wait a while to see how hickey's plan is working overall, if it's temporary or long term. I have a job where i run the company and leaving for 6 weeks will be no simple task. the heavy metals thing would fit me perfect and probably that's what i got. keep in touch...... jamie
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