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  • Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am glad to see you hanging on in there! I have the muscle mass loss as well. I feel weak but I dont think clinical as that I can still do alot of things, it just aches alot during or feels hard. I am not going back to a doc either unless needed. Trying to keep postive and live in hope........
    Hey there!
    sorry for the delay, not been on the site for a few. I am doing ok. NOT better but not worse either, so thank the good Lord for that one!!! Just taking one day at a time. Some days it seems hopeless for anything else and then others it seems like things could be good. I just dont know what to make of this thing........I am keeping busy with kids in school and thier sports and such, I am so busy with them that it is great. I want to spend every minute with them loving them, A gift that this thing has given me, whatever it is! And I dont know what it is, and I can still do everything I want to except excerise or play tennis. How are you? maybe you should pm me?
    hey cody thanks for the message. i first noticed weakness in my leg...eventually that weakness reached into my hand, arm, and back - then right foot looked least "meaty" I guess than my left foot - and the toes kind of gnarled a bit, i guess. couldn't stand as well on right, felt very weak - then eventualy twitches. now some other stuff that's starting to bubble up... you should go to a neuro muscular specialist if it gets to this point.
    good luck. get back anytime.
    I hope it does help. You know that i have some REAL issues and muscle thinning and twitching, and to have als 100% ruled out is nice. I was told that in the summer but after a year and NO umn and clean emg on thinning areas, I finally believe it and I hope others can feel peace from my looooong journey! I think you are gonna be just fine! I still twitch away!
    I am glad to hear that you are doing good, and nothing seems worse. I think that is a good sign! I am sure that not spending alot of time on here helps. I know for me that I have REAL sx but when I am living my life I dont pay as much attention to them. I Think that you bfs, I really do. You can ask ktmj about them, he has had them for 20yrs. Peace to you and your family!
    Same thing - been on my tractor today - just checking in. Talk to you later.
    Hi There! Thnx for checking. I am ok, just stressed and tired getting everything ready for x mas, 3 little kids keep me busy! And I work in my sons class. I am feeling more tired and weak, but I think and hope that it is just do to all the running around, I am sure mom's in great health feel tired at holidays with 3 kids and a crazy busy working husband! I hope you are doing well! Are you gonna find out if you are having a boy or girl? Take care!
    Hey cody,

    send me a list of your primary symptoms - we'll compare notes. I'll do the same when I get a chance. C'ya and take care.

    Great looking family cody! Can't say much for you but your wife and daughter are dolls. (No smilies on these messages I guess - just kiddin'.)
    You all have a beautiful family!!!! I love your little girl! what a great holiday photo. You are handsome too! (dont want you to feel left out). And your wife is sooooo pretty! God bless you!
    What a gorgeous family! Your daughter is adorable ... beautiful wife. And you ain't bad, either. :)
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