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  • Hi clichti,
    I hope that you are doing well. I was just checking in to see if you are feeling better and whether you figured out what is/was wrong. I've been having constant symptoms for about 4 yrs now and most recently i am getting more stiffness and cramps. It really is a painful let's wait and see game...kind of tired of this! Cheers, Matt
    Hi there. Nice to hear from a fellow torontonian :) I am doing ok. I think that I am slowly accepting that I do not have ALS despite still feeling weak with obviously somehting bizarre happening to me! I am mostly fed up of trying to figure things out... How come you are still on this forum if you dont have ALS, I find it gets me really anxious to read the different posts as I'll immediately try to relate to one symptom or another and that just ticks me off on the worng path...

    Cheers, Matt
    You can get bracelets from the ALS society of Ontario. Not sure who you would deal with in Toronto, but it should be on the website,
    We ended up having our own made up to raise awareness at our kids schools.
    I've considered joining the forum before. I fear my fasics are unlike those benign ones though, as they are primarily not felt and in one calf. However, I do sometimes feel like I'm twitching elsewhere. My fasics only seemed to start after I read about als, which sounds crazy. I don't know if anxiety might present in this way.
    Thanks for the message.
    I was diagnosed a year ago this week, with symptoms for 6 months before that.
    I think attitude and a strong will to live is the most important in fighting this thing.
    Everyday I anger at what I can't do, then I quickly rejoice at what I can do. Just remember that we dictate our lives, not ALS.
    Not up for sale quite yet... working on it! Will put up the info on the blog as soon as I know. Thanks for your interest!
    Thanks so much for reading the blog and watching the videos!! Share with your friends, please!! And yes, the garage sale was a fantastic success, thank you!! :D Have a great day!
    Hey.. sorry I haven't replied.. haven't been on in awhile. I'm sorry your having to worry with this. I know how that is. I hope you don't have this awful disease. Thanks..my family makes me be brave! I'll say a prayer for you. Take care and God will see you through anything!
    Short story is I fell on something someone had spilled--they have it on video, apparently. But they think I worked with whomever spilled the stuff-- I laid on the floor for 30 minss waiting on the ambulance. I couldn't move--and ruptured a disc in my neck and L5 in the fall. Thanks though. Moot now--time was up apparently last May 6th--they just didn't tell me til now

    I contacted another attorney--and he said a lawfirm can decide not to proceed anytime they want to--in essence, I'm screwed, apparently.

    I fell on May 6, 2009. I hired them in June of 2009. Now, it's been almost 3 years--and I still can't get fixed what got hurt in that fall--my insurance says the store's insurance should pay--they aren't I'm in the middle.
    Hi Matt - I believe you have your clinic visit @ McMaster tomorrow, so good luck! Curious as to why they wouldn't have just sent you to Sunnybrook, as I believe it's the go-to place for the province, but well, let's just leave that to the professionals. Please, please let me know how it all goes. I had my EMG on my shoulder on Thursday and it came out clean/normal. They think I've done something to my rotator cuff. Still trying to accept that my issue might not be neurological, but I suppose that after now a 3rd clean EMG, I really have to.
    Hi, hope you had a good weekend. I actually heard back from the clinic at McMaster where I was referred by the Mount Sinai Neurologist and I will be seeing them on December 6th. The neurologist there is a neuromuscular specialist and he will perform another EMG, NCV and a muscle biopsy. He should give me some feedback on the EMG/NCV right away and also do a thorough neuro exam. I believe the whole appointment will be something like 1.5 hours! I hope to get some answers that day, and I DEFINITELY hope that they will point away from ALS...someone told me about CIPD, I will ask the neuro about that disorder...Perhaps we can grab a coffee next weekend? Let me know. How are you feeling by the way? Any progress for the better? Matt
    Cool. Your testing sounds to have been very thorough. I really don't think you need to worry about a neurological disorder, but of course, I worry ALL the time, so who am I to say. I'm at Bloor & Lansdowne :)
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