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    Stem cell treatment

    Has anyone heard about or been treated at Eden Laboratories Ltd. Belize.
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    Al I don't post a lot but you must know that my life is better because of you. Have a very happy birthday from Israel! Luv ya Clark :-D
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    Mind control switch

    Mind control switch for those who have little or no movement. head electrode band plugs into unit and then into a communication device, such as a lightwriter. Requires that the individual relax his/her mind and then switch is calibrated to user's mind waves. My husband used it for about 6...
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    hands free mouse +ttv software

    Hi Al, any thoughts about the headband interface?
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    hands free mouse +ttv software

    What is the best hands free mouse? Does anyone know if the head band works and how is eyegaze? Is there something cheaper than eye gaze? What software for voice is best?
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    Mind control switch

    hell, does this thing really work?
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    Lately I seem to be biting the inside my mouth, more at night is there something I can do to protect myself? What is causing this?
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    losing it all at once

    I seemed to have over one week lost my speech and most of the hand function I have left. How do I find the strength to carry on with this evil thing? I have five kids and I can't stand them watching me wast away I was diagnosed in May 2006
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    air plane travel

    How do We travel by plane with electric chair and bipap machine? Dare I mention toilets on plane? I have a 14 hour flight from Israel to LA I am worried