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  • Hi. Yes, she originally said she did not want one. But here we are and she can't drink and while she eats and is maintaining weight, it's getting more and more laborious. The onset is bizarre; she can still walk and I think she wants the option to remain healthy as long as she has some independence and quality of life. Thank you for responding. CJ.
    Hi CJ - I think what I said way back was that before Chris had his done I would not have had a peg myself. However as things progressed and reached the end stage I was able to easily care for him at home alone in a palliative way because of the peg. I am a strong advocate for getting the peg early if you choose to have one. It's a very personal choice. Does your PALS want the peg? Thank you for reaching out since you have been here a while but never posted. I'm happy to answer however I can!
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