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  • Hello Cindy. I am so very sorry you find yourself here and for your diagnosis. To answer your question: If an EMG is done by a qualified neuro, then it is very accurate. To answer your other question: if someone has an MND, then subsequent findings of the EMG will not indicate improvement. There are certainly conditions where improvement is seen and the EMG would indicate that . . . but again . . . MND is not one of those conditions. Please take care and feel free to write when you feel the need.
    Hello Dear Cindy. I just want to say that your words to your friend in prison really spoke to me and I thank you for sharing them. God's blessings to you and yours. Hugs to you! :)
    Hi Cindy...glad you got to attend the Women's conference with your mom and sisters! I'm so glad you are going to an ALS clinic!!! One of the DR's at Mayo told us it was best to get long term health care before you get a diagnosis...if this is not ALS you can cancel it. The rate will be cheaper if you do this. I'm not sure about disability insurance. I don't really have pain...just very stiff muscles if I sit too long or when I first get up. Walking and moving around makes this go away. Hope you have a great week!

    Sounds like me...1st neuro didn't know what it was and wanted to wait and see..this is why I chose to go to the Mayo Clinic. I was given my first EMG (the one with needles), another NCS and a pulmanary test. The next day the ALS DR diagnosed me with ALS. I started Rilutek and Q-10 plus a multivitimin at this time. My speech was getting tired by this time but swallowing was OK. I also started on B-Papp machine at night. ALS is different for everyone and just because one person is having certain symtons at a certain time doesn't mean this will be the same for someone else with ALS. My first problem was right foot drop...this caused me to fall numerous times. I've never had any kind of cramps like you. P.T. at Mayo gave me range of motion exercises to do and hand strength exercises...also told me to use the pulley. P.T. here is the same. When I went to the chiro he added acupuncture and deep tissue massage. I do the same exercises the P.T. does with me twice a day.
    Good afternoon Cindy...what test have you had? Three months is too long for me...if fact my 1st neuro would make me wait 2 months. He did many test but never a diagnosis. This is when I chose to get a 2nd opinion at Mayo Clinic. I was given an EMG and another nerve conduction test and pulmanary test...the next day they diagnosed me with ALS. I am good...hope you are too!

    Hi there.....I had a million questions too when I was diagnosed. You are welcome to ask me anything at any time. So glad you have a strong faith in God...this too carries me through everything in my life. I am doing Physical Therapy...if fact I have done this twice and am doing my 3rd in my home...the P.T. comes 3 times a week.

    My symptons started with foot drop in Nov 2010. I use a walker and have a brace and long distance I use a wheelchair. I will never give in to ALS...I just have to do things differently! Every day I command ALS to leave my body and someday it will! My strong faith in God, positive attitude and pure determination will make this happen! I refuse to accept anything else! How about you?

    Hi Cindy,

    I love Twila Paris. One of the all time best - and totally genuine. Do you like Annie Herring as well?
    Hi Cindy, I am not exactly technology challenged with computers (but am with phones and ipods), but also find it a bit hard to maneuver around this site at times. If you have any questions, you can post it as a new thread, or add it to an existing one, and someone more knowledgeable than I will answer you.

    Hope you're doing ok!
    Hi, just happened back here... you actually have to post the response on my page or it doesn't get seen. I did a search and came up with these, though most of them aren't recruiting: http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=ALS
    There's a thread called Come for Tea that a lot of us are on most of the time, you should check it out and join us... it keeps us sane.
    Thanks for the welcome! This diagnosis is still so new that it really doesn't feel real. The fact that I started getting cramps so long ago and was able to keep up with exercising and full schedule seemed to make my doctor puzzled at first. But now I am puzzled. I have just left the first neuro's office again on Friday and I have medical questions but don't want to keep calling him. My friend, a pharmacist is looking into trials for me. Do you know of any specific ones?
    cindycindykb, since you're new to your diagnosis and to our forum, let me be the first to welcome and friend you. Look into some of the clinical trials, and above all, remember that you're LIVING with ALS.
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