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  • There are funding sources for Texas residents to get communication devices. Feel free to call me tomorrow. 972-226-9585
    My husband was diagnosed last Nov but had symptoms a year prior. Two weeks ago he got the PEG.... But seems even more depressed now. I feel like his giving up. In some ways almost pushing the disease to go faster!I work from 5am to 5 PM.... We need the money for bills and additional insurance. I could go on unemployment but that would mean we would lose the additional health and life insurance. I want to make sure he has all he needs medically. But at times I think if I were home and here he would want to try harder and live....but then I think it's his life, his choice! How can I help him? He is a 46 yrs old, an alcoholic who has always gone to drink to deal with problems. He served in the army...we tried to get VA benefits but his paper work dd214 doesn't show enough active time, He did get SS disability, but $900 is not enough to pay the bills. So what do I do? Let him fade away in bed, not eating right? Just give up? How do I juggle work, and home...where do I go from here?
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