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  • Do any of you know if it is possible for family to get paid to provide needed medical services for their sick family member? I am an RN and my sister a CNA/PCA and would gladly care for Dad free but unfortunately have bills to pay. He doesn't need 24/7 care yet but when he does we would much rather be the ones providing as we know he would receive the best possible care in our hands and we want to spend as much time with him as possible. Thanks in advance for any help
    I am new to this blog and am excited to have you all for resources and support and hope we can provide the same for you. I am here on behalf of my dad, Chuck. He started having symptoms back in 2005. We believed he had Lyme's disease initially as he had had a rash prior to the development of symptoms, but after actively treating for Lyme's with extensive antibiotic therapy, nothing got better. After traveling to Texas, KU Med, attempting to get into Mayo, and seeing multiple specialists we still had 0 answers...that is until this year. We finally got an answer, though it broke our hearts...at least now we know what is happening. One doc called it chronic ALS. Then we saw an ALS specialists who, after assessing and performing yet another EMG (joy, joy) that Dad has a form of PLS. He is now struggling to speak clearly, can still get around with a walker for short distances, and has started choking on his saliva. We are a close family and that helps
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