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  • My mom has als on a vent at home and I do it all. Some days I think I cant but then I ask GOD to help me and thats what gets me thru the day.
    Hi just wantwd to tell u that I suffer from anxiety depression and panic attacks I donot have als but have moat of those symtons u mentioned these symptoms are called by anxiety I feel like bugs are crawling on me I wash my sheets take shower my hands feet arms go numb I feel weakness and every week I get a low grade fever and I think I have the flu or cancer but I dont I know u said u dont want meds but the meds will help maybe not completely but u will have some relief. I am a single mother of three children my boyfriend of 15 years left me because I've been takin care of my mom for five years
    Dear Kim, thank you for your time reading my story. My logical mind knows what I should do, but I became so obsessed, unable to stop. Today was an especially bad day with lot of twitching in my left triceps and foot. I cannot stop thinking I inherited ALS from my mother. Yes I will get a psych. appt before the neuros appt. Best regards, Krisztina
    Please stay off the internet and go see a good psychiatrist or counselor immediately. I think you need to desperately for your sake and your family. Kim
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