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  • Hi Chriss, Thinking of you and hoping you are coping. I hope you stick around on the forum. You have lots to offer. A big hug to you.
    Hi Chris,

    I see you and Roderick have met--that's great! I'm so sorry your nurse experience wasn't helpful. You were right in my opinion--feeding Shane with the constraints of the Bipap don't give you options which might be "nicer".

    You're blessed in getting a deck off your bedroom, and as it's your fall I hope there are many days he can go outside and feel sunshine. That is wonderful. The "Meuris chair" isn't something I've heard of before. Is he able up til now to get out of bed, or is he restricted to bed only, until a wheelchair is found? I hope that this chair situation is worked out quickly while weather is nice.
    Hello Chriss,

    I appreciated reading your reply to a post about being undiagnosed. (I dont yet know how to reply to a comment on a post though). I am in Victoria also, and much of what you had written about equipment from various organisations was helpful and familiar. Could you tell me a little more about the DHS category that you were able to find please?
    Good morning Chriss and WELCOME to the forum! I think that we all get so caught up in our own lives sometimes that we forget to extend our arms and give welcoming hugs! Consider yourself hugged! Kay Marie
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