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  • Hi Pete: I am not very active on this web site and just now accidently bumped into your post. I live in Fallbrook, California. Located in No. County, San Diego. I live with
    Duane, my life partner. My full name is Christina. Duane and I have 3 dogs and 4 cats. Our inventory
    is a little low as we have had 6 dogs and 3 cats, then 4 etc. Of course all are animals are recues needing a good home. How about you Pete? where do you live and
    are you married?

    I have pls. First symptom appeared in maybe August of 2010 or there about. I had a slight leg drag,
    only noticeable on the tennis courts so I didn't pay attention. I thought it would go away. I have been
    very healthy and active.

    I spend about an hour a week reading up on the latest trials. Stem cell implantation is the cure. I
    hope they hurry up. One trial being conducted by Mayo and 2 PA hospitals is in Phase 2. The
    Israelis discovered this. Very good results from the first phase. Nurown is the name
    Hi Chris how are u. Where do u live my friend I gave als also it sucks I have lost my voice completely but I get by with my speech applications and swipe. If u need to talk I'm here take care my friend
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