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  • I had what felt like weakness, but not clinical weakness. I think 75% of it is mental, because the mind is such a strong thing. Once you convince yourself, you believe you are doomed and continue to investigate yourself. If you research ALS, you will see the pain you experience is not ALS. 99.9% of patients present weakness by feeling normal, but not being able to do something. For example, pickup up a bottle of water and dropping it because your thumb muscle won't work. The weakness in ALS is muscle failing, not muscle feeling. Whens your appt?
    yeah i know man but my condition is getting worse. defo got muscle wastage in forearms and struglling to hold my phone. did you have muscle weakness or was it just all in your head?!
    My first step will be physical therapy - finding exercises to take pressure off of the nerve. I will do that a few times a week for 4-6 weeks. If it doesnt get better, the next step would likely be cortisone injections and then maybe even disk surgery. As for you, have you looked at benign fasciculation syndrome? Widespread twitching is more of a symptom of that. Might be worth a look.
    Hi John,
    I'm happy to say you didn't describe ALS at all. Your twitches sound like the type asscociated with stress or anxiety, and your hand is still useful (regardless of how it feels), so that's not muscle wastage you're noticing. You're right that pain isn't an ALS symptom.
    I won't tell you all the true symptoms of ALS, because many people would read them and suddenly think they have it, when they don't.
    Keep your appointment, but don't sweat the fatal disease.
    Circulation issues are not a symptom. After about two months of searching, I finally got my diagnosis yesterday. An MRI showed I have uncovertebral joint arthritis in my neck between my c4 & c5 vertebrae. it has progressed to the point of the arthritis causing left nerve root neuroforminal stenosis. In laimen's terms, I have arthritis in my neck, caused by an injury/posture issues and it has gradually narrowed the pathway of my cervical nerve, which deals with the upper arm, spine, etc. It also causes neurological symptoms.

    Your neck bursitis may be causing a nerve to be impinged because what i have - cervical nerve stenosis - causes neurological symptoms.
    thanks for the response, yeah it seems to be like a circulation problem with regards to them going really dark red and when i move them its like the colour start to come back, its very unnerving to see and doesnt seem right, although not sure if circulation is an als symptom?! the appointment with the neuroligist cant come soon enough. can i ask what was involved in your tests?! ie what tests do they do with regards to reflexes, i know the emg is the big one with regards to als?! just wondering what to expect and how long after the emg did you get your results?! thanks again im john by the way.
    I think going to your general doctor and expressing your concerns would be a good idea too, especially in the anxiety department. I was perscribed Zanax and Prozac and they work extremely well at controlling anxious breakdowns and depression. I was on them until my EMG then once i got the "no ALS" diagnosis, I stopped.
    No worries, I pestered plenty of people. Also keep in mind that there are so many other conditions that have the same symptoms as ALS, and again at the age of 27, it is extremely rare for it to happen. I believe its a 2 in 100,000 chance in general, but at our age, I believe its close to .003% of happening. I am not quite sure what you mean, when you let your hands drop, but I am sure they are turning red because you are dropping them and the blood is going to that. The white blotches I have had before, that sounds like more of a circulation issue, especially if it presents with pins and needles. Tingling, pins, needles and your hand feeling on fire is actually a good thing. Those aren't symptoms of ALS. From what I have come to understand, people with ALS feel completely normal but are just not able to do something simple, like buttoning your shirt, etc. Again, it seems like you are in the phase of investigating your body to find flaws.
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