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  • Each VAMC is treating the delivery of Radicava a little differently. KC put a PICC line in my upper arm and trained my wife to do the infusions. Leavenworth put a PICC line in a friends arm, but were requiring him to come to VAMC for his infusions. It looks like Iowa City put in a port and is requiring the vet to come in. If you have a PICC and given your wife's experience it should not be a problem continuing at home. If you have a port, I would think they would at lease have home health come out to access the port and allow your wife to continue. I had home health for the weekly PICC bandage change, but the nurses they sent had no idea how to manage the PICC, much less change the bandage so I stopped them and go to the infusion clinic once a week for the change.
    Bolus feeding is a type of feeding method using a syringe to deliver formula through your feeding tube. It may also be called syringe or gravity feeding because holding up the syringe allows the formula to flow down using gravity. I have been using this method since my feeding tube was placed in February. If you have a feeding tube already, your VA primary care provider will refer you to VA Nutrition who will prescribe everything you need for the feedings and tube maintenance. My original neurologist prescribed mega doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene to combat the ALS progression. The VA transferred those prescriptions at my first PCP appointment to their pharmacy.
    I think you posted this on the wrong account as I believe it was intended for me and I just found it about 5 minutes ago: 'Dave, you mentioned VA. I'm about to retire and will be on VA also. Presently, I'm using Option Care to access the port and medication is sent for home infusions that my wife does. Is this the same process you are doing, does a nurse come to your home and access your PICC every 7 days. And can you explain what bolus is? And are bolus and antioxidants prescribed by the VA. Do they help?'
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