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  • Hello, I'm a 47 year old woman. Sympthoms for over a year. Began feeling tingling like feelings in right foot. Freazing cold or burning hot in both feet. Burning Moved up right leg & spine. Also a crawly like feeling down neck & itchy burning mid-back. Saw neurologist year ago, had NCS/EMG of right leg & arm-normal, blood tests for Lyme, B12, vitamin D, etc all normal. MRI of brain & T-spine-normal. Skin biopsy in Dec15 confirmed small fiber neuropathy. Blood tests - 2hour glucose ruled out diabetes/glucose intol. Neurologist said often with SFN no cause is found.
    Few months ago twitching began in right leg & back & more weakness in legs. Stronger Burning sensation & numbness of upper thigh. Noticed atrophy of right upper thigh. Saw neurologist again & he agreed some atrophy. Did another EMG of right leg, told no weakness. He feels it's small fiber neuropathy as well as Meralgia Paraesthetica of right thigh. Weakness is worse & worried about ALS....he said no.
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