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  • hi Charlotte, thought i would send you a message to give you an update as i have not been on the forum for a while. My health is not so good, Lupus flare so now on Hydroxychloroquine, the cardiologist has found a problem with my ECG so on Bisoprolol Fumarate and awaiting an echocardiogram. As for my husband, his MRI and EEG where normal so neurologist discharged him. But he has had so many problems at work he was on a final written warning,my gp intervened and has listened to everything i have said rang his works who said he was not the same person he was 6 months ago and that they were having problems with him. so refering him to neuro science department in leeds.
    Charlotte...good luck with the election, I hope it goes well! How is your Yorkie? Have you had another EMG? I know you were thinking about doing it in Oct / Nov time frame. I hope you are well!
    Other than frustrated with my GP I am managing... face isn't bothering me as much as it was last week. I hope you are doing alright. :D
    Best of luck with all the political stuff. Tulips come from The Netherlands! Just sitting in Copenhagen waiting for plane to Barcelona. Conference was good. Soooo many exciting drugs for MS coming on the market.
    For everyone to know, I am a political candidate and an election judge so I'm working it.I hope I get to keep my position, not much use anymore.I miss everybody.Joel, you and Christine especially.I'll be back
    hopefully after the 5th or so.Best Love to all.
    Hi Charlotte, How is your little Yorkie? Back to eating normally, I hope! I'm doing fine, but tired--just the facts--no complaints. How are you?
    Love, Ann
    Hey chum. in Gothenburg now. Conference starts today. Scared of walking stiffly round a thousand neurologists! Will take handfuls of baclofen !! Very cold but gorgeous city.
    well my GP is sending me out of province to see a movement specialist....guess he isn't very nice either-it will likely be sometime b4 I get into see him though...just taking it day by day until then I guess. Hope you are doing well! :)
    Good to hear from you! I am so glad your baby is doing better! Good Luck on the elections, don't burn yourself out. We are doing well! Thanks for asking. Hope you are too. Love, Joel
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