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  • Thank you so much!! We are totally aligned with everything you said :)
    We've been doing raw vegan smoothies through her tube, but then we had gotten a clog of something, had to get tube replaced and then the doctor scolded her to only use formula. Since back on formula, lots of problems with mucous and constipation, no energy, ect. Grandma wants us find a doctor who says it's okay, otherwise she will scream and cry if we even suggest blended food now. So, we're kind of stuck because we know the formula is basically poison and raw foods will heal, but the doctor totally scared her away from the real foods.
    Www.hacres.com is a great website with lots of resources on this lifestyle. We started it because we believe God put all the nutrients we need on this earth to heal our bodies. We just have to get it in our body. Cooked foods lose alot of their nutrients. we do alot of veggie juicing. this gets the nutrients down to their molecular level and goes straight to the blood stream to do its healing work. My only suggestions are make sure she still gets enough protein through nuts and beans. And lots of green leafy veggies are very important too. Is she eating on her own still or has she gotten a Peg tube? We are making raw vegan smoothies to put through the tube cause it was getting harder to get enough calories by mouth. Please feel free to ask anything specific you think of. Glad to help!
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