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  • Hey there Casey, I was sharing some of your tricks and funny things you do with my husband the other day, so now when I go in to get him up form a nap or anything, he thinks it's sssssssssoooooooo hilarious to just stare off into space, and won't look at me or move until I start shaking the sh-- out him and yelling his name..... Then those checks get all puffed up and his face turns red and his eyes get all squinted up! Then I realize he's laughing his a// off...... Then there's no way I can get mad, we just laugh til i pee my pants!! Haha I just owe him one!! Lol and you, I think you gave him the idea!
    But first a thank you, for that, and helping bring some trickery back to the place!!!!!! Hats off my friend!
    Hope all is well!
    Hi Casey, would you PM me with details re: cost, mileage, year etc on the caravan you want to sell. I may go the turny seat route

    >hope your day is full of dancing women and beer

    me too, but swallowing is getting pretty bad, so maybe a smoothie instead :-(
    Hey Casey......thanks for the offer, but one of my kids got the Son's dvd set for me for xmas. I am kind of a heathen biker myself, riding has been a big part of my life for 30 years. When I started having balance issues a year ago I installed a trike kit on my Harley, and I can still ride it thank would not be worth living without my knees in the breeze.
    casey i'm so happy to see u on here. i'm not on here much as less and less of my options work on here. ur humor always makes me laugh. I hope things r good for u and ur family.
    Hi Casey,
    Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. We are all going to see my dad in Dallas, Texas a few days after Christmas. We haven't seen him since September so we are looking forward to it. He is currently staying steady for the time being. I just hope all of us can keep the germs away. Take care, Kim
    Okay Casey I'm officially worried about you. We haven't seen you for a month and I'm hoping is because you're having fun somewhere.
    Hi ! How are things going for you? Been worried about you since you I haven't seen you on as much lately. My dad is staying about the same right now. It's hard to gauge with this disease. He could be alot better and he could be alot worse too. He's in good spirits most of the time. He really enjoys watching movies on Netflix. When the weather gets nicer we will take him to the park to watch my two boys play baseball. He really enjoys that. Take care, Kim
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