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  • How are you?? I remeber when I was little my mom used to put a spoonful of VICKS vapor rub in boiling water and make me sit there with a towel over my heat to breath in the vapors, to break up stuff to move it out. Do they have Vick's Vapor Rub there. I can send you some if you want to try>
    Hi, CGAR!! You seem very positive about all aspects of life. How are things going with you? Would it be too much to ask about your symptoms and what lead you to the doctor? My finance is going through all of this, I think you responded in my first post. If is out of line for me to ask about your history, I apologize. Many well wishes to you and yours!
    thanks for the kind welcome , and i want to tell you ur call name cracks me up. Im from upstate new york so i've drivin by ur area several times on the way home..The falls r one of my favorite places mary pat
    Thanks Tammy. My wife smokes, and they are over $10 a pack here.
    I'm sure i will like to visit, but no way I'd move. I live in the best place in the world!
    Right between Niagara Falls and Toronto. My wife and I regularly go to Niagara Falls (only 15-20 minutes) and either hit the casino, or spend the night.
    De is not to far at all, like an hour or so. Good place to move, hardly any taxes. Kinda funny, cigarette's are like $80. a carton in Maryland, but go over the DE line and they are less then $40. I hear they are like over $10. a pack in the big apple. You might like it there and want to move down here too. :)
    Hey Casey, Merry Christmas. Wanted to wish you and the beautiful wifey and Fam Merry Christmas. You have such a good attitude you inspire us all. Must be something good in them cigars. :) I hope if by luck you do not have ALS you will still come to visit. You add spunk to the forum:)
    Hello from chilly FL, it is 30 degrees this AM. Good job to your daughter I am proud of her too. Hope you have a great day.
    I haven't really given up the cigars, still have the odd one, same as you, with friends.
    I do plan on going back to Cuba, maybe in April or May.

    Talk soon.
    Cheers. I would have loved to have been able to snag a few! I love a good cuban. I take it you gave up cigars. I still indulge when I am with good friends. I still keep 30 - 50 in my humidor. I do not really smoke them by myself anymore but when I am with my friends I light up with them. I figure heck, you only live once and my breathing is still strong.

    Believe me I am very blessed, I have never once asked why me as a matter of fact I always say I am glad it was me and not anyone I love and care about.

    Love your attitude and faith my friend! Keep it up, it is obvious it has already served you well in life and will continue to do so!
    I will be 40 in a week. As I tell everyone ALS does not discriminate by age or anything else! I saw a couple of pics on your profile it is easy to see you love life! That is the way it should be, their is life after diagnosis!
    So by chance with your profile name do you enjoy burning a nice cigar? That is one of my guilty pleasures.
    Keep cooking my friend and as always stay strong and keep the faith!
    Hi Casey, I am your neighbor, I live in Vineland. My sister had ALS limb onset. I hope that your diagnosis is wrong and perhaps just carpal tunnel, easy fix.
    Your attitude is great and so important. Just in case the dx is right, plan ahead, record messages for the future when perhaps speech will be gone. Plan Plan Plan get equipment before you really need it. Peg tube is not a horrible procedure if needed and helps keep your weight up. Enjoy every minute of each day.
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