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  • I know it must be hard to leave your husband alone all day, I am glad he is accepting the home health. Bill has a lot of salvia too and always seems to have “junk” in his throat that he can’t cough up. We saw a lung doctor and he ordered a suction machine for him, but the stuff is so far down it is hard for him to suction much out. The doctor mentioned to him about a tube in his throat and I am sure he was taking about a tracheotomy tube, he didn’t elaborate so I am not sure if you can get a trach and still breath on your own. I wish I could get Bill to talk about these things but he just says I am bringing him down when I try to discuss this stuff. His speech is almost totally gone now and we have a dynovox on order that should be here soon. So good to hear from you..hang in there
    Hi, how are you and your husband getting along? I have been wondering about you. We are going today to look at speech aids. He is resisting but is almost ununderstandable(is that a word?). Trouble is he thinks he is sounding OK. Let me know how things are with you. Phyllis
    Hi, My name is Phyllis and my husband was just diagnosised with bulbar onset. Sounds like you have been dealing with this for over a year. My husband doesn't want to know whats ahead or talk about it and I have been reading everything I can, it is so hard to realize this is real. I would like to be friends and compare notes and feelings if you would like. Welcome to the board, I am new here too.
    I will fight this as long as I can also,I have been to ALS support groups meetings in Myrtle Beach and met two guys in power chairs who have given me so much info,I feel like giving a hug to everyone on this site,Wish we could all get together and have a party,Im healthy enough,but know a lot could not make it!
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