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  • Continuing my post. I was able to eat for 8 months straight with a specific diet. But for the past two months my symptoms have gotten worse again. And I am unable to eat or drink much. Is this something that happens? Where it is bad and then good and then bad?
    Hi cesca-

    Welcome to the forum.

    You are posting on your own profile, so will not get much traffic here. Please head over to the forum and select "post thread", select the correct subforum, and introduce yourself and maybe a little bit more of your diagnosis experience and which clinic you were diagnosed at. That way more people will be able to see and comment.
    . I am 23and got diagnosed with Bulbar ALS of Jan 2021. For months before this I was unable to swallow my own salvia, could not eat, drooling, gagging, shortness of breath. In march of that year I was finally able to drink water. I was using swallowing techniques formSpeech therapy, is it true that it strengthens your throat muscles? I was able to eat by august and have been eating for 8months. Can it get better?
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