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  • Hi Yasmin, all flowers are blooming here, it is spring! The best time 4 tulips :) we have so many other flowers too :D Tnx 4 the friendship!
    Thank you Cervus!! Yes, he is progressing...more trouble with hands, walking is harder! :(
    Thanks, Yasmin. I met Terry 23 years ago today. We were married within six months! I do miss him - everyday. We buried his mother today. The kids and I did really well. I'm so thankful that Terry never had to experience the death of a parent. Mine are both gone. I still look for blessings each day. That seems to help me face the day. My thoughts are with you, too.
    Hi to you , thank you for responding to my writting. Life has been insane for me. I am truely living a nightmare. I have no life now and no peace . I am constantly stressed, and crying. I fear loosing my husband as he is a part of me. I will always feel that missing part. And anything I do haunts me with memories or sadness that he should be with me. And I know he didnt WANT to die, he wasnt old enough to . Its so unnatural. How do you handle it.
    Thank you Cervus you are so right. We had a wonderful summer after his Spring diagnosis. We did exactly that made the best of each moment. With some progression and now as a teacher I am back to work. It is hard!!! I wish I could be with him, but I did the next best thing by calling and asking people to get together with him during the day. He has connected with friends he hasn't seen in 35 years!! I am grateful! It is hard enough to be alone when one is healthy!
    Your words are a reminder to me. The progression is frightening and I can't loose sight of the fact that is going to come...the monster! But, I will cherish and make the best of each moment we have together!
    Cervus, I'm so sorry! This monster is so hard to deal with in so many ways. My heart goes out to you!! We are okay....always fighting the worry, sadness, trying to enjoy the time we have and not ruin today. John has progress a bit. Just trying to keep the monster away, somehow, any way we can!
    How have you been since your husband's passing. I think of you often when I come here! God Bless you, your husband is now at peace!
    I've been thinking about you. You and your husband are in my prayers. My you find strength in this difficult time!!
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