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  • He doesn't think to hug my mom anymore and things like that. He still smiles when he sees me or my kids. I think the strange behavior happens more with my mother as she is with him more often. She is upset and says this all doesn't seem to be normal stroke behavior. I see all the people on these forums who are typing and it scares me because Dad cannot read or write or type now. It would be impossible. He was never good with computers anyway. Typing would have been hard for him, he never would have been able to find the letters anyway. I'm worried this is ALS and FTD together. In 3 months he's lost 15 lbs. What do you guys think?
    Hello All,
    I'm not sure what to think at the moment, I've been reading these forums for days. My father had what everyone presumed was a stroke last spring. The CT machine was broken though. They just assume it was a stroke because of the loss of speech. Although, thinking back he was slowly losing speech. Not over night like perhaps you would with an actual stroke. He's having trouble speaking now quite a bit. The words aren't there. Just after Christmas this year he's had these crazy chronic yawning fits. I mean crazy to the point he's crying and frustrated and hitting himself in the head yelling just begging for the yawning to stop. And he started really clearing his throat a lot. Mom said that that got better but he's starting to choke on snacks like popcorn and stuff. His arms and legs seem to have not changed at all. But his behavior has. He's very inflexible and gets upset when he has to do something he doesn't want to. His emotions are not there.
    Hi Cereus, I just noticed your message, I haven't been on here regularly lately. Good to know there's a fellow Tucsonan on the forum! I'll be heading to Michigan to see my brother next Tuesday, I'm looking forward to seeing him. How is your hubby?
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