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  • That's all we can do Vicki, hope your cold gets better :) I had a fall on Sunday, torn ligaments and nerve damage in ankle, very painful :( taught me a lesson not to try walking on my own again! Love and hugs, Anne xx
    I am plugging along like everyone else. Fighting a cold at the moment. Trying to rush spring here, I know the calendar says tomorrow but the temps say different. Hope you are doing well. Love ya.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    A Wish for a Friend
    Wishing you a rainbow
    For sunlight after showers—
    Miles and miles of Irish smiles
    For golden happy hours—
    Shamrocks at your doorway
    For luck and laughter too,
    And a host of friends that never ends
    Each day your whole life through!
    Oh how great for you. Nice Christmas present. Things are ok here, having a harsh winter and I am not dealing very well with that, but spring will soon be here. Glad you are back on line.
    Hi Anne,
    I'm am doing ok thank you. We just celebrated our youngest son's 10th birthday. They grown up way too fast. My dad is staying about the same for now. He sounds a little winded when I talk to him on the phone but my brother/sister claim they haven't noticed any changes with his breathing and he claims he hasn't either. He is in the Achthar trial and has had any side affects yet. But, it's still too early to see if it is helping. Hope you get into your house soon. Take care and hugs, Kim
    Well hey there girlfriend. I am doing ok and my dad is slowly slipping away. But it is what it is. I have shed my tears for now and moving forward. thank you for asking.

    I hope you are in your house by Christmas, that would be a great gift. My hubby and I are celebrating 25 yeas of wedded bliss today. Looking forward to the next 25 !
    Hi! How is your new house? We got some good news the other day about my dad. He got a letter from the VA and they are going to help out alot more with his living expenses. He will still have to pay quite a bit but they are giving him a substantial ammount as well. It eases some of the stress off of him anyway. I'm doing ok. Supposedly, getting a divorce but except for me served with the papers in January nothing more has been done. We have twins who are 16 and they are really act up lately and giving both my husband and me a extremely hard time. Take care, Kim
    Obviously she didn't understand that this site has seriously ill people here, I just think she is too stupid and desperate to care.
    At the bottom of her post to you there are blue words: view conversation and Report. Click on report and a box will appear. Type your complaint in there.
    Oh!!! I am so happy for you. Nothing like getting a comfortable home to live in. Congratulations!!

    I am doing fine, up days and down days. My dad is holding his own, his tumors have shrank so they are going to do chemo for another 3 months!! Good news all around. YEAH!! I hope you reported that sobabya. It is so sick to be soliciting here. EEWWW !! have a great day.
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