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    Mom is dying

    Prayers for a quick passing for your mom----surrounded by loved ones. Peace to you in the coming days and weeks ahead.
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    mother in law wants to die

    Txgirl, I don't want to highjack your thread--just want to clarify my earlier statement about the priest. He said if she discontinued feedings that it was the same as suicide and that she'd go to hell for it. He had no opinion about the use of machines. How did the visit with the hospice...
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    mother in law wants to die

    Hospice will be helpful. Many on here and other sites fight this disease tooth and nail. My mother, like your MIL, is not one of them. She went into a hole when she was diagnosed and has never come out. She is now bedbound and unable to care for herself. She, also, has refused any machines...
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    New baby girl....

    Congratulations to your whole family.
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    I accidently found this website and I am scared

    Sorry Robin, I didn't understand in your first post that some of your symptoms were ongoing and not sudden. I found with my mom (diagnosed June 07) that it was helpful for her to write down EVERYTHING that was different or difficult and take it to her neurologist. Then he had a full picture of...
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    I have been diagnosed with ALS

    I'm sorry for your diagnosis. I'm glad that you've been told that it is slow moving. Please live every day to it's fullest, see all the people you want to see, visit all the places you want to visit, eat ice cream every day.:mrgreen: My mom got her diagnosis and basically gave up. Holed up in...
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    I accidently found this website and I am scared

    Robin, I'm sorry for your health troubles. I can assure you that you don't have ALS. Symptoms don't appear suddenly. They come on very slowly. I wish you luck in a quick diagnosis of your ill health. I'm sure it's very frightening.
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    back from a long absence

    I'm so glad you both got to go and have a fun experience. Living life to it's fullest is one definite way to combat this horrible disease.
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    My brother was just diagnosed

    I'm sorry you have to be here, but the folks here are very helpful and caring. I'm sure your brother has had many more tests besides just the muscle biopsy and his neurologist was looking at exterior symptoms as well. Honestly, just ask your brother how you can help. He will be the leader...
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    Rolfing and ALS?

    No experience here, but it surely won't hurt her. My mom suffers from general all-over sort of pain because her muscles aren't being used. She sits and sleeps in her recliner 24/7. I would think it would help my mom to get a massage, but she won't have it. My sister rubs her feet and legs to...
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    Anything out of the ordinary?

    Goodness, your report is over my head--too much "doctor speak". My mother and her husband never shared any of the outcomes of her testing other than it's final outcome. Honestly, I don't think their docs shared specific numbers with them. Could you post with simple symtoms (having trouble...
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    Just got my diagnosed 2/1/8

    I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis! If you are able, live life to it's fullest. Go all the places you've wanted to go, eat all things you've wanted to eat. Fight for every day with your lovely wife. Love each other and your family like mad. Prayers for you and your family, Carla
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    Oh God let us wake up!

    Oh Mark, I'm so sorry. I don't have any words of wisdom, just prayers for you both. I wish you could wake up from your nightmare too.
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    I took Zoloft all through my last pregnancy. It is approved for use during pregnancy. My son turned out just fine and I didn't have to go off my meds cold turkey. Talk with your psychiatrist and find out what you can do to stay mentally healthy during the next several month. Lexapro is in a...
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    Could my mom have ALS?

    My gut feeling is "No". The fact that she improves after steroid treatment indicates something else. What, I don't know, but it sound like the hospital she's been at is top notch. Just keep pushing for a diagnosis, whatever that might be. Have they tested her for Lyme's disease. It often...