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  • Looks like it's been a long time since you've been on this forum, but your experience sounds eerily similar to mine, so I was wondering if you've gotten any new information since your last update in 2010. Take care.
    Hey, Drop in and let us know how you're getting along. Merry Christmas :)
    Hey there,
    Are you still taking those supplements for metabolic issues? I thought I read that was you, if so tell me what you are taking or doing. I have a few things I may start doing as far as supplements and a heavy duty 7 day detox and MAYBE hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy along with chelation. It cant hurt anything but my pocket book, and since I dont have a dx, maybe it will help or SLOW this down. I know it doesnt cure als but I dont have that dx. I am going to see what my als doc says on the 19th after my emg and clinical.
    I get that elbow thing as well. Ihad some minor twitching there, not consistent. The area does seem thinner. The bone that runs on the outer part of forearm is more pronounced as well, so laying my arm on the car window or table is a bother as well as elbow. My limbs fall asleep very easy as well. Still no dx or clue.
    hmmmm...it is hard to tell what you are showing on your hand but it does somewhat resemble my husband's hands and he has Dupuytrens Disease. Here is a link that is informative.
    Hi again - your message inbox is full! You can't receive any new messages until some are emptied out. Chatty me.
    I think you hand's look fine from the photo's, not what I have ever seen with ALS.. It is hard to really see in the photo, but does not look like atrophy to me
    CB, I got your message and want to respond when I can devote the time to it. Its still pretty much chaos here, and a new puppy and s-l-o-w computer thrown in too. Keep your chin up, I know how frustrated you must feel. (hugs)
    Good news on your emg. I felt good after my third, one year from the first that it was still clean, not even picking up my fasics. Good luck to you!!!
    That is weird, I never even visited the about me page? I am in the process of being diagnosed with something other than ALS (hopefully). I have not been told possibly ALS at this point, I do have an EMG on the 29th that should point one way or the other.
    HI CB

    I noted on your 'about me' that you said you are in the process of being dx with als, has that changed? I thought you were not dx and good emgs and all that? Has your nuero said that he suspects als? IF so, I pray for your strength.

    Take care, I didnt know if I missed something!
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