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  • Hi CathyAnn. Welcome to our forum.

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    I suggest going over to the subforum titled "Do I Have ALS" and post a New Thread there.
    Hi everyone..I am new to this forum, but I have been searching for some type of support group. I was diagnosed with Mills Syndrome in June 2014. It was a long and tiring search (7 yrs), to come to my diagnosis. I saw 4 different drs., before seeing a ALS Specialist, who knew immediately what I had. This disease has effect my right side (I was rt handed) and I have adapted to using my left side. I would love to talk to anyone with this disease and to learn more about it (not a lot of info on the internet). thank you.
    Hi Cathyann, I have Mills syndrome. Let me know if you are still on the ALS forum.
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